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Growth with Systematic Bliss

| 5 minute(s) read | Last Update:

Growth with big goals is an illusion. Growth without goals is too. We need the middle ground, and this is how I approach.

10 Yılda Öğrendiğim 14 Ders

| 4 minute(s) read | Last Update:

Başarısızlıklarımdan, deneyimlerimden ve başarılarımdan son on yılda çok şey öğrendim. İşte benim kısa listem.

İçerik Üretmede Dil Karmaşası

| 6 minute(s) read

Kaliteli bir içerik üretip sunmak çok zor. Bütün bunların üzerine bir de dil konusu gelince, her şey daha da karışıyor.

14 Lessons I Learned in 10 Years

| 4 minute(s) read | Last Update:

Technical skills are easy, yet soft ones are harder. I learned a lot of lessons from my failures, experiences, and successes. Here is my shortlist.

İç Daraltan Zaman ve Akış

| 1 minute(s) read | Last Update:

Zaman ve zamanı değerlendirme üzerine düşünceler

Testability in iOS

| 9 minute(s) read

Most of the developers have hard times to understand the testability. Tests are often underrated and despised. What are the benefits of tests?

Concurrency in iOS

| 8 minute(s) read

We face handling more than one operations at the same time. We want to shorten the waiting time even though it is not always necessary with the concurrency.

View Lifecycle in iOS

| 8 minute(s) read

Truly understanding when the view is created, loaded, appeared or destroyed helps us to understand our approach deeply while developing an iOS App.

Application Lifecycle in iOS

| 6 minute(s) read

Every iOS developer needs to understand the possible states and lifecycle of an iOS application. Knowing when the state enables us to work behind the scenes.

ML Path: Simple Linear Regression

| 4 minute(s) read

Linear Regression is a basic statistical method which applies a linear function to data and predicts a scalar value. But why do we use it?