Returning to my bass guitar after 9 years

After almost 9 years, I decided to clean the dust from my bass guitar and play it again. Then I realized that my bass guitar is absolutely broken. The neck was bent therefore tuning was impossible. Also carrying it from Ankara to Hamburg was unnecessary. Because it worths like 30€.  So, I decided to buy a new one. I saved money and had a budget around 500€. My dream was buying a Fender Jazz Bass but they are really expensive. Cheapest ones are ~800€. Eventually, I went for Yamaha TRBX504 Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard for 499€ in Just Music. At least, I had a Marshall MB15 Bass Combo Amp before. Also, I have a friend who will help me to remember all things and learn the new cool ones related to bass guitar. It seems like a good start after all those years.

Before going to the first session with my friend, I played a bit at home to get used to my guitar. After couple minutes, I noticed that there is something wrong in the neck and E string was too close to the pickups. I went to the first session like to show my guitar to my friend and we decided to finish the session with these problems. Later, I took my guitar and went to Just Music. Now my guitar is on the way to the factory, I have a backup guitar from them, Yamaha TRBX304. This is also a decent one.

I’m mostly following videos from Mark J Smith in or Youtube to learn the scales and improve my skills. On the other hand, there is one more YouTube channel called “Scott’s Bass Lessons“. Both are great sources to learn bass guitar.

In these days, I’m practicing the scales. What I’m trying to achieve is playing those scales with every possible note on the fret. So, I started with Natural Minor Scale. Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.34.26.png

After practicing minor scale, I went for the Major Scale.Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.37.23.png

While I’m practicing those two scales, my friend taught me Minor Pentatonic Scale.Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.39.07.png

Then, I learned C Lydian Augmented Scale (2 Octave) from Still, I’m not good at this one. But I’ll study to achieve to press all notes correctly and in time.


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.45.19

Captured from Youtube Video


Lastly, I found perfect exercise from to learn all notes on the fret, Cycle of 4ths. This is absolutely perfect studying scale to learn notes. I’m confusing the order of notes most of the time but I’m getting better.



Cycle of 4ths combined

There are a lot of things to (re)learn and I’m really excited. I feel like it’s my first day with my bass guitar again.


By the way, here is my guitar:

2017-09-11 19.24.06

Do you have a suggestion? I’m opening all my channels for learning. ❤️ from Hamburg.


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