Returning to my bass guitar after 9 years

After almost 9 years, I decided to clean the dust from my bass guitar and play it again. Then I realized that my bass guitar is absolutely broken. The neck was bent therefore tuning was impossible. Also carrying it from Ankara to Hamburg was unnecessary. Because it worths like 30€.  So, I decided to buy a new one. I saved money and had a budget around 500€. My dream was buying a Fender Jazz Bass but they are really expensive. Cheapest ones are ~800€. Eventually, I went for Yamaha TRBX504 Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard for 499€ in Just Music. At least, I had a Marshall MB15 Bass Combo Amp before. Also, I have a friend who will help me to remember all things and learn the new cool ones related to bass guitar. It seems like a good start after all those years. Continue reading →